"You may say that I am a dreamer/But I am not the only one" John Lennon: "Imagine"

"So come brothers and sisters/For the struggle carries on" Billy Bragg: "The Internationale"

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Tuesday 22 June 2010

"The heat and dust had already been at work upon this multitude."*

*The War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells, Book 1, Chapter XVI - The Exodus From London

We have the builders in. It may have become obvious over the past few weeks that I am neither very domesticated or housetrained. In the past when other half has announced that he was about to decorate it has thrown me into a tizzy which has often lasted far longer than the actual 'happening'. However somethings just cannot be avoided and certain areas of woodwork need serious attention, involving much sanding down and ensuing dust. So the above quotation from one of my favourite authors is very apt considering today also appears to be one of the hottest days of the year so far.

The hot weather is very welcome as this means that the front door can be left open for the constant toing and froing. It also means that all those passing by can see that one of the builders has a scarf tied around his face a la terroist style to keep the dust out of his face [I suggested a purpose made dust mask but apparently that is 'cissy'] So I am expecting a visit from the police/security services at any moment. But the climate change also means that in a house where normally the doors are all always open [whether due to old hippiness 'freedom' or laziness I cannot remember] but today are closed against the encroaching dust, every room is heating up nicely despite all the windows being open. I can't put the fans on in case they whirl the dust that is getting in under the doors around!

It occurred to me about four hours after the job started that maybe dust sheets would have been a good idea. I will know next time....... And what is quite cute are the footprints showing clearly my toes wherever I have walked! I never wear shoes indoors which makes me wonder why I have so many pairs of sandals!

To make matters worse it is Budget day today. So far it doesn't sound as if the poorer sections of society are coming too well out of it but I need to read more detail before commenting. I have tweeted and facebooked the link to my previous blog on The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists as suggested reading - especially for the chancellor: George Osborne. But my escapist reading for today will by another H.G.Wells favourite: 'Kipps' and if I get time I may watch the 1960's musical based on it: 'Half a Sixpence' which stars Tommy Steele. I am leading an online discussion on 'Kipps' and great fun it is too, to do this with a favourite book!

And before I leave 'The War of the Worlds' altogether I do have to 'advertise' the Jeff Wayne musical version which I adore and have in many different forms. And this is not only because Richard Burton is the narrator! The music is awesome. And before I get even more self-indulgent I will sign off!

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