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Monday, 13 June 2016

In, Out, Shake it All About ......* /Remain or Brexit?

Midsummer Dance**

So, for me the debate should be over. I have voted, courtesy of the wonderful device of the postal vote. Why don't I feel relaxed, relieved, reassured or any other 're' that would suggest that I have made the right decision?

I am still watching the televised debates, listening to the radio 'phone-in programmes and occasionally reading newspaper articles. I have read the bumf that has been posted through the door by various political parties and the Government. I go to my local Labour Party meetings and engage in debate. But in the end my decision is, I suppose, the least 'worst' option. And I am still getting annoyed with the 'yaa, boo' aspect of politicians and commentators shouting each other down, apparently convinced that their opponents are so wrong whilst the current speaker/loudest shouter is so right.

I am old enough - just! - to have voted in the last referendum. This morning it struck me that my mother was the same age then as I am now and I remember talking to her and my beloved Aunt at the time and their reason for wishing to be members of the then 'Common Market' was to try to prevent another war; a very good reason to me now for wishing to 'Remain' although in truth if two countries wish to lock horns very little can prevent them. But worth trying.

So much of what the politicians tell us is really down to their opinions, informed guesses, hopes of what will happen after 23rd June depending on the outcome of the  voting. However there may also be suspicions that some of those positing their views have ulterior motives. Maybe their eyes are on higher political 'jobs' or benefits of other kinds. The only certainty is that on 24th June we will have a government and an opposition that will continue to argue, blame each other and an electorate who will not have a chance to express their opinions until the next General Election. Oh dear.

As the little boy used to say in that insurance advert, I haven't been much help, have I? But I do think it is important that we all use the opportunity to vote and if one is really unsure perhaps the answer is to 'take advice' from a politician one admires. Whilst also taking into account possibly that politician may have a personal agenda for making that decision..... No, I really haven't been a lot of help.

23rd/24th June is of course Midsummer Eve/Day and I am not the first to point out that this Midpoint of the year and feast of St John the Baptist in the Christian calendar; a magical time in many cultures  and so is quite symbolic of the importance of the vote. Which is probably why so many of us are so worried about using it wisely. Over to you .........

*The longest known game of 'Okey Cokey'. Started in 1975 with an 'In' move, we won't know until the 24th June whether the second move is 'Out' or 'Shake it all About'. 
**The picture of the Midsummer Dance is probably a better symbolic image of the propensity for change than the 'Okey Cokey' but feel free to chose which ever you prefer! 

Many of you have been kind enough to notice that Elizannie has been missing lately. The big move to the little house has used up a lot more time than previously estimated but hopefully all is settling down and she will be available for more blogs in the future. However political activism has still been happening although her attempt to be elected for the local council was not successful it resulted in more votes than expected and people are still stopping her in the street to confirm that they cast their votes in her favour!!