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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Don't blame me I voted Labour!

I am not saying that I am a hoarder, but I still have my badge from the first time around! However anyone wishing to buy the upto date version or a sticker, please go to:


If you are viewing this in the light of the May 2015 General Election Results and would like to read my thoughts do go to:


  1. Mmm, sadly the Labour Party were also going to make large cuts, so we would still all have been protesting! The only English party consistently speaking out against cuts are the Green Party, and also the only party suggesting clear alternatives such as progressive taxation, collecting unpaid/evaded/avoided tax, a Robin Hood Tax on banks ect.
    Sadly as well, it was New Labour that led us into this mess, and Labour now whose current tactics seem to be, lets keep out heads down so we dont scare anyone and we are bound to get elected next time.
    Im not saying thats true of members of the Labour Party, many of whom are happy to be open about supporting eg the Robin Hood Tax, but the same cannot be said of its leaders.
    Im only posting as ANON because cant work out how to post as a person, it dont work!
    so cheers, Rachel=anon.

  2. Hello Rachel/Anon, thank you for visiting. I do agree that New Labour did not help the current situation and would have had to make cuts - although hopefully they would not have been so spiteful and uneven as the ones made by the ConDem government. I can honestly say that I never thought the '97 - '10 government was Socialist enough or that I agreed with all of its policies, notably the Iraq war and Trident replacement. However whilst the ConDem government are so busy happily blaming all the current economic problems on the Labour Party - ommitting the measures to which they agreed at the time and the share that the banks etc had in the world economic crisis.
    Sadly common sense like the Robin Hood Tax seems the hardest thing for any government to adopt......