"You may say that I am a dreamer/But I am not the only one" John Lennon: "Imagine"

"So come brothers and sisters/For the struggle carries on" Billy Bragg: "The Internationale"

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Monday 11 May 2015

That's called Democracy! But it doesn't always supply a government fit for the vulnerable......

The picture above just appeared on my timeline on facebook, posted by the facebook group 30th anniversary of the miners strike . I shared it onto my own 
timeline for others to see with this comment:

I just know I am going to get loads of opprobrium for sharing this! I loved this guy although I didn't agree with everything he said. He probably wouldn't have agreed with everything I said. That's called democracy. What he says about becoming a trade unionist I endorse as my reasons for becoming both a trade unionist and a political activist for the Labour Party nearly 50 years ago. And I ain't giving up now just because we failed to win the election last week. That is also called democracy. But living in this democracy means I can start campaigning again tonight for the 2020 election! But only if we can all make sure that there will still be a democracy worth fighting for then. And by 'fighting' please remember I mean this in the pacifist sense!

And to all the media who are writing off the Labour Party, often 'interviewing' party heirarchy by not letting the individual finish a sentence please remember that we have been here before and come back to sort out the country. Just hope that too many people from the 'have nots' won't die when their welfare benefits are cut, they cannot afford to heat their homes or buy medicines they need. Or the bright but poor youngsters who won't get the education they deserve fail to get the 'good' jobs in the future and won't therefore get the wages to pay the taxes to support the welfare system that their parents and grandparents need. Because sure as hell the 'haves' won't be doing it.

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