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Friday 8 May 2015

Six days in life and politics

Throughout May 1831 the coal miners and others who worked for William Crawshay took to the streets of Merthyr Tydfil, calling for reform, protesting against the lowering of their  wages  and general unemployment. Gradually the protest spread to nearby industrial towns and villages and by the end of May the whole area was in rebellion, and for the first time in the world the red flag of revolution was flown. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merthyr_Rising

On a personal note, I had ancestors living in Merthyr at this time and probably working for Crawshay or one of the iron masters. My g.g.g.grandfather John Abrahams died there in 1849 of cholera, a typical illness of the poor working people.

Sunday: Other Half and I take the 200 mile trip to our other home on the other side of the country, having posted by postal vote over a week before in the consituency of our main home.

Monday: Fifty year relationship disappears in less than fifty minutes. Ah well.

Tuesday: Start to empty out the second home of 23 years. Not discussing yet how I feel. Massive support from family and friends.

Wednesday:  Afterwork, Eldest Son arrives, loads car up and brings me home.  Four and a half hours drive each way. Arrive home to get to bed about 3am and he is off to work again about 7.30am.  BTW I have bronchitis. My bed has never felt so welcoming.

Thursday:  Youngest daughter texts to say once more her new house purchase has been delayed and the mortgage offer may not be renewed. Trying to sort this out, whilst feeling like crap from bronchial problems and drop mobile 'phone down loo. Watch it disappear around ubend with all contacts and photos on it. [Eventually buy another on ebay, heart in mouth, but cannot keep in touch with my kids who do not have landlines, without a mobile] 

One of my author friends describes my writings as:  '[Her] humour and spirit are indomitable'. Well that will do for me..

Have been looking forward to watching the election results although I had thought I would do it whilst over looking the South Wales coast, as in previous elections. Never the less set to to make my vegan fruit case which will be nourishing through the night as well as healthy and delicious. Halfway through cooking find all my vegan margarine is in the refrigerator over 220 miles away and have to settle for a vegetarian cake instead. Not - by any means - the end of the world.

As the election results begin to roll in realise this is not going to be a country where it is wise to be old, ill, poor or vulnerable. Dose in front of the TV, eventually fall asleep when reassured that at least the constituency in which I have voted is not going to fall to UKIP as predicted and the returning Tory MP is one of the better ones although of course I voted for my old mate of 40+ years who was standing for Labour.

Friday: Wake up to even worse results than I had feared but at least FARAGE WAS NOT ELECTED.
Bronchitis even worse and decide to take it to the doctor's whilst we still have an NHS.

Three party leaders resigning. A historic time. Nigel Farage blusters, Nick Clegg made probably the best speech I have ever heard him make, Ed Miliband made a  grand speech, very dignified. Some lovely people who have been good comrades in the Labour Party over the years are now wondering how soon they can start campaigning for their re-entry into the House of Commons in 2020. We activists are ready to go, although I think I will need antibiotics first!

Well, I am not going to give in on any front.  Watch this space!

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