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Thursday 22 November 2012

So, what to write about?

Just over two weeks back from our long summer vacation although the dust is still piled up around the house due to my 'suffering' a virus which seemed to have travelled home with us. I bear the latter no ill will although it did seem to remove a lot of coherent thought from my brain to the extent that I watched [and seemed to enjoy] soppy films on the Christmas Channel!

Logical thought seems to be returning so what should I blog about? What has been in the news this week? What about who has 'won' in the Middle East ? - although can anyone be said to have won in a 'campaign' which has left over 150 people dead in just the past week or so?

What about the march in London yesterday by students? Well, as it all passed off peacefully, there hasn't been a lot of media coverage, really. And that's ironic isn't it? Of course I did hear that the MPs had to use another entrance to the Palace of Westminster. I hope they were not too much inconvenienced [See - I can type with my tongue in my cheek] [Photo above courtesy of the BBC]

Earlier this week the General Synod of the Church of England rejected  [by only 6 votes] the motion to allow women bishops. Some say this has caused the worst crisis in the Anglican Church for many years. [News items suggest that now the Church of England is the only employer that does not practice equal opportunities although looking at other religious institutions does not confirm this!] But it is certainly a great disappointment to so many people, not least the outgoing and incoming Archbishops of Canterbury.

Thanksgiving in the United States today. Yet so many of its citizens are living in dire poverty and need, without sufficient healthcare provisions etc. Not that we here in the United Kingdom can afford to be complacent. I heard a radio host yesterday say that if individuals could not make their benefit payments last a week to buy sufficient food they obviously were not budgeting properly. [Radio is still intact but only because I was listening to one that was not actually mine]

All this thinking is getting a bit much. Back to the Christmas Channel methinks......

49 years ago today President Kennedy died. 63 years ago today my sister died. May they both sleep gently.

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