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Friday 28 September 2012

Goin' Travellin' or Cathedrals & Scones

Elizannie and Other Half are attempting that difficult challenge to marital relations: a road trip and are off on a three week tour around the UK. Spending a lot of time together in a car might prove our nemisis - watch this space - but could equally prove which one has the most patience with the other.

We have just entered Scotland and the biggest problem so far has been the loss of raincoat, probably left in a hotel in York. Since York during our stay experienced flooding due to the second highest levels on the River Ouse and many residents were evacuated from their homes, it would seem mean to have a tantrum over such a small material loss and I did manage to desist mid-scream.

Inevitably one cannot help comparing 'Points of Interest' on the way and we agreed that Lincoln and Durham Cathedrals were equally impressive for different reasons. But the difference in scones in the various tea places were indisputa ble. So far the best has been found in Edinburgh Castle tea shop and would have made the gruelling climb worth while even if we hadn't thought the views magnificent! [More on Edinburgh Castle here] I had a lovely chat with one of the guides in Edinburgh Castle about the shortcomings of a couple of the Stuart[or Stewart in Scotland] Kings. We were also impressed with the Scottish crown jewels, against our better judgement! Subjects for another day, another blog will include perhaps the 'us and them' feeling [or the 'us and plebs' as one cabinet minister would have it] that is enhanced when looking around the stately homes en route. Meanwhile today's other exciting moments have included the first view of the Forth Bridge and our first proper look at a Scottish Loch - Loch Leven just up the road to our hotel. Beautiful, but unfortunately at the moment on this borrowed laptop I can't figure out how to add my photos! Subject for another blog, another day and if you are lucky, dear reader, you might miss the link for that blog! Onward tomorrow, another place!

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