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Saturday, 16 July 2011

National Petition to save HM Coastguard stations

National petition to save HM Coastguard stations Petition

I should not be having to do this. The government should have "been and done" one of their famous u-turns on the proposed coast guard stations closures. Well they haven't - so please sign this petition and share with your friends.

And if you want to know the reasons why I am so firmly behind this petiton, please go to this earlier blog of mine: This Island Race

Am I angry? Yes. Which is why I am showing a picture of HMS Warrior - just to say I am campaigning in a pacifist way and intend to win!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I agree entirely with your sentiments because I feel the same way! We must all work to ensure that the proud standards of service that HM Coastguard have set. Without our Coastguards the lives of those using our coastlines will not be as safe as they are today.

    Your choice of photo is certainly an interesting one because as it happens HMS Warrior was for many years just a couple of miles from where I was born & I remember the day vividly when she slipped away from Pembrokeshire to be restored.

  2. Anything to help, @Coastguard_SOS, and it constantly surprises me that more people aren't rushing to petiton the government - how many signed the SaveOurForests petiton?
    As it happens we have spent many happy hours on the Warrior and other big ships in the Royal Navy dockyard in Portsmouth. ['We' being Other Half, Youngest Daughter and I] So that was another reason that I chose the picture.

    When you have spent as many hours in the naval dockyard as we have, clambering all over the Big Ships plus any that are visiting at the time and wandering through the museums it makes you realise how dependent as an Island we are upon our Coastguard Stations and the RNLI. For goodness sake everyone, lobby your MPs and sign the petition!

    Yet another reason that I showed the Warrior - it is also because the 'Ironclad' represents the British engineering of the Industrial Revolution - another heritage skill that the present government seems to be quite happy to allow to slip away with the announcement that the new train carriage contract being awarded to Germany. But that is of course a subject for a rant for another day!