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Friday, 10 June 2011

At Last, Rowan Williams.....

Yesterday I was really pleased to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury,Rowan Williams talking sense about the Coalition government's 'plans'. Of course the government in the persona of David Cameron replied to Dr Williams' criticisms.

Obviously, to those who have read my comments before, I am going to agree with Dr Williams' comments. Equally obviously David Cameron, representing the government, will disagree. But this is the sort of healthy debate that should be encouraged in our 2011 society. Some journos and contributers and commentators to and on Blogs were suggesting that the Archbishop of Canterbury should be 'above politics'. How ridiculous is that?! Religious discussions are surely amongst the original platforms for political reform. For example, just read the Beatitudes, what a wonderful set of 'rules' for those wanting to lead a good life. [Because I am talking about the Archbishop of Canterbury I am using examples from Christian teachings. All religions can show similar examples]

I am not suggesting that all Christians will agree with Dr Williams. Or that one has to be a Christian to agree with him! As a Christian and a pacifist I have been disappointed that he has not 'come out' definitively against our military actions for example. But the more that public figures like Dr Williams open up the debate about whether or not they feel the Coalition Government is doing the right things the better it must be for all of us, surely?

Oh and the photo? Well it is a very early shot of Bob Dylan singing three verses of With God on Our Side in May 1964 on the BBC programme Tonight. When Other Half heard Dr Williams' comments he remarked 'So the Government do not have God on their side?' This was repeated hours later on the TV news. Always knew that OH should have been a headline writer. He is wasted as a press officer.....

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