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Saturday 30 April 2011

Births and Weddings

Me, I love a good excuse for a party. I may have mentioned this before. At the drop of a hat I will decorate the house, throw a party, theme the food even if it is only something on toast. I blame the half celt side of my genetic mix, we celts love a good celebration.

This week saw two family occasions which provided really good reasons for celebrations in the Elizannie household. Youngest daughter and her partner provided Other Half and I with our fifth grandchild, a beautiful baby girl: Lola Eliza. She was born on the same day, although 141 years later, as her great, great grandmother Mary Ann Eliza. Yes, variations of the name Eliza have been around for at least 194 years that I can trace on our family tree!

The other occasion to celebrate yesterday [the 29th] was the birthday of Middle Granddaughter. At seven years old most little girls are in love with idea of princesses and weddings so Middle Granddaughter shared her birthday lunch with us with the TV and watching the Royal Wedding. We decorated the house [inside!] with bunting of Union Jack flags and Happy Birthday bunting. Yes, anarchists Elizannie and Other Half recognise the right of others to celebrate the wedding of the future King and Queen whilst actually feeling it all rather a sham - but at the same time love the expressions on the children's faces watching the event - and after all it is history in the making even if we do personally feel that the monarchy is an outmoded institution....

All babies and brides are beautiful. Its just that obviously our own babies and brides are more beautiful than other peoples'! So we will share a picture of Lola Eliza with you all and thank her Mum & Dad for the gift of her to us. And we wish well to all those wonderful gifts born at any time and to all those who marry or decide to share their lives and loves at any time. Royal or commoners - all are special.


  1. Love this! Congratulations and welcome to the new bundle of joy, may she have peace and happiness her whole life long x

  2. Thank you so much Tamasin, beautiful and appropriate wishes.