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Friday, 4 March 2011

Enough! Stop the modern day vampires


I have used the image of Christopher Lee as Dracula purposely as I know that a lot of people have issues with images of blood/transfusions and I do not want to be responsible for collapses at the keyboard. It also stands as a metaphor for the way the Coalition Government is sucking the life blood/vitality from the electorate. Thanks to freemooviesonline.com for its use

It seems that these days I seem to be shouting more and more 'Whatever are they going to do next?' 'They' of course being this ludicrous Coalition government. [A commentator on another blog site whom I respect slated those of us still calling the Government 'the condem government' suggesting that it made those who used the expression sound like wishy washy lefties or some such phrase. Fair enough but I actually felt that using that phrase showed that I felt that this government is Condemning us to some dreadful future. And I love it when the character Frank Gallagher in Channel 4's Shameless rants about the 'ConDemNation' every Tuesday evening. But I digress.]

So what have they done now and why am I so angry and ranting today? I have already had a rant and blogged about the proposals to cut the number of Coastguard stations and AirSea Rescue Services. Likewise the Libraries. I have facebooked, tweeted and signed petitions about the proposals to sell off/privatise the forests, Save our NHS, cuts to the World Service, proposals for a Robin Hood Tax and more. I have blogged and ranted generally about the State of Society that could lead us back to 19thC ideals of the way to 'issue' welfare to 'deserving poor' and talked about the proposed cuts to the Disability
Living Allowance. I am ready to march on the 26th of March and drumming up as much support and as many people to come with me as I can. I retweet and support as much as I can all the UKuncut wonderful campaigners. The students who protested and are still protesting about the hike in tuition fees know I am their friend and behind them all the way. I have questioned the ideal of the 'Big Society', whilst also pointing out that our current society could not exist without all the volunteers we have already. And more. So what's new?


Please someone tell me that April Fools Day has been brought forward to March 5th. Tell me I am asleep and dreaming this. And go to the Unite website [click on the blog title above] or join the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blood-money-Stop-the-National-Blood-Service-sell-off/198998116785090?sk=wall and PROTEST

Breaking News: Unite have set up a petition:

Please sign and pass link to others

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