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Monday 7 February 2011

What is Happening to Our Green and Pleasant Land?

I have said too many times that this blog started off with the intention of being mainly for literary matters, but has become over whelmed with matters political [a literary blog has recently come into being at 'Clarice's Book Page' www.villiersroad.blogspot.com]

The photograph above shows a couple of - well protestors is the wrong word, so I will say participants! - in Saturday's #savelibraries day when lots of us who regularly use libraries were determined to show our solidarity against the proposed cuts. Up and down the country there were all sorts of activites from authors and poets doing 'read-ins', to fancy dress attendanees to just lots of library 'customers' making sure that they visited their local library on an extra day and taking photographs and posting them on the internet to prove it! Others tweeted and facebooked their disapproval, using the #savelibraries hashtag, others blogged [some rather late like me] Miss Ellie-Mae wrote a heartbreaking blog about the proposed closure of the local library where she grew up, do read it:

Of course the libraries threat is just one of the many proposed cuts/fears against which the anti-cuts march on March 26th will be protesting. Details of this TUC Demonstration can be found at http://anticuts.org.uk/?p=2121 or click on the blog title above. Another reason for marching is the #saveourforests worry and the video below is of the Billy Bragg version of 'This Land is Our Land', the great Woody Guthrie Song. I'll let Billy tell you why I have put this on here, this is from his facebook page:

Heard over the weekend that the Tory MP for the Forest of Dean, Mark Harper, held a meeting on the planned sell-off of the forest on Friday night. Given only 24 hours notice, the protesters packed the hall with as many again locked out. They sang my British version of 'This Land Is Your Land' and, after being confronted with nothing but opposition to the govt plans, police had to escort the Tory out of the back door.

Links for protests and petitions re the woodlands privatisation:
http://saveourforests.co.uk/ http://www.saveourwoods.co.uk/ http://38degrees.org.uk/ http://saveenglands/..

So what is happening to our green and pleasant land? Not to mention [as I have!] the threats to our Coastguard stations and Air Sea Search and Rescue Services.

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