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Wednesday 12 January 2011

Eastenders' Dreadful Story line.

For reasons that will become obvious, I cannot write about the awful story line that is current on Eastenders. I deplore it and think the BBC should pull it. However Ellie-Mae has written an excellent piece on her blog and I have commented on it, re-tweeted it and asked others to read it and complain to the BBC.

If you love Eastenders don't click on this link. If you are as upset by as I am read Ellie-Mae's blog: http://lurehumano.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/soap-suds/

If you need advice because you have been upset by the story line, click on the blog title above.


  1. Yes, the story line was badly contrived for a start. Then the emotional depths the producers wanted to take us to was way beyond decency.These are very rare instances and usually it is a mix up in a hospital. You never hear of those nowadays. So what the social issue, EastEnders being famous for real life social issues, was, I'm not sure. Shock they certainly did. I'm a bit dubious about social issues being used to entertain anyway. Or is EastEnders regarded as an educational programme these days? Therapy on the cheep? This one went badly wrong and caused trauma.

  2. I agree Tony. I don't usally 'dis' soaps for this sort of melodramatic story lines because after all we can always turn the TV off. But - like many others - I feel this time the writers of 'Enders really have gone too far - witness the number of complaints.

    For a bit of light relief I put 'Midsommer Murders' on last night. Other Half and I have a sort of running gag guessing how many bodies will be discovered before the next commercial break! However there was a really nasty stabbing with a broken bottle just after it started which was shortly after 8pm. I didn't think that was very appropriate at all as a lot of children are still watching at this time. I know I sound like Mary Whitehouse now [heaven forfend!], but I also belong to several anti knife crime/anti violence groups: http://www.benkinsella.org.uk/ http://www.familiesutd.com/countmein/ http://www.mamaa.org/
    so found this very disturbing.
    Thanks for your interest.