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Tuesday 16 November 2010

Celebrations and congratulations

So the Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton have got engaged. Congratualtions to them both but can that be it until the wedding? Probably not - I suspect we are going to be obliged to endure pages of newsprint and hours of media attention to the life history of Ms Middleton, the Prince of Wales [as if we didn't already know it] and lots and lots of speculation about what the dress will look like, what the vows will consist of [love, honour and obey?] and all the thousand and one things that go to make up an 'ordinary' wedding let along a royal, dynastic one.

There have been some fantastically funny and satirical tweets and facebook comments which I really cannot better. It occurred to me as soon as I heard the radio announcement that the government was probably going to hide/was already hiding some bad news with the announcement and all the resulting kerfuffle. And I am not even going to start on costs to the Government and cuts.....

I was in a shop when I heard the radio news and the little old lady standing next to me was so excited I didn't like to spoil her pleasure and voice my cynicism. And that's what its all about really isn't it - pleasure? I suppose the prospect of a royal wedding will bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people, but I selfishly hope speculation about it won't be continually in the media from now to the wedding day!

Being part Celt I always love a good celebration and adopt any that are going: at this time of year Diwali, Eid, Hanukkah, Hallowe'en, Samhain, Christmas - bring them all on. Lets all share and celebrat with other people, respect diversity but above all be nice to each other. I celebrate any event I can as much as I can - I made this year's birthday festivities last nearly a month. I would even join in a street party for the royal wedding - there I have shocked you all. But I would prefer a street party 'just because', for no particular reason and to have fun - because the community is a community and not because some posh people who really couldn't give two figs about us are getting married!

Oh - the picture? Well I couldn't decide on an appropriate one, and this suddenly struck me. 'V.E.Day Celebrations' by L.S.Lowry. Very appropriate for this week, I thought as well as a fantastic painting.


  1. Oh bloody hell, it erased my comment!
    What I said was or something to the effect,
    LOLOL, You are absolutely right! I think about how for years many people refer to the Monarchs as family members (living vicariously through their deeds, actions, and endearments). And maybe rightfully so. Think about after ww1 and wwII how folks had so precious little to pull them through (rationing, etc). While I think it is amazing we still must fund them to be rich, I can't help but be a little hypocritical about my own love of MY Diana (as some people think of the Monarchs as MINE).

    In a time when hunger is so prevelant today; our local news stated that 1 in 7 are living with constant hunger in the States, and Ohio, (where we live) we are in the top 10 states for folks going to bed without food. Our thoughts wonder: "Another big wedding bash???" Wouldn't it be great if they actually fed the people with some of that cash going towards as wedding, when I remember: oh yeah.

    We need to remember that hope and celebration helps us out so many times when all else is going down the crapper. Think about it: Christmas, and all the holidays, helps us remember giving to others, paying forward, and just having hope for a better tomarrow!

    I am with you! We need to celebrate and hard!!! Give to others right now, and ourselves, since it HAS been a hard year for everyone, and maybe we can pull ourselves out of the knothole our countries have created. My mom used to invite people (other than family) for Thanksgiving. We would have as many as 27 people round the table, and four more in the kitchen. Why? No one needs to be alone at this time of year, when it gets cold,heating becomes expensive and it seems that The good Prince of Wales saw that one coming...engage now, and let the hope begin for a new future!!! Let people dance in the streets, knowing that their future King is ready to be crowned.

    I for one, look forward to all the silly hats I can see, and amazing gowns that shouldn't on Camilla Bowles.

    But maybe they could have a twist of heart, open the doors of the reception and FEED people. Wouldn't that be amazing??? Instead of it be a celebration of the rich, a celebration for the poor.

    Oh never mind, I will watch the procession, see the Queen Mum and see Charles and Camilla go into the church like everyone else, and celebrate at home with a rousing hot cider.

  2. Thank you for your comments Mary!

    How lovely it would be if rather than a great state banquet the 'wedding breakfast' money was spent on providing running costs for hostels for the homeless. And I can't really imagine this will be an 'austerity wedding' with the bride's mother making the cake and the bride's dress and the bridesmaids paying for their own outfits.

    I am ready to believe that for the first time for a really long time this is a marriage for love and not for joining dynasties - that lesson has obviously been learnt. But already 'Kate' is being turned into 'Catherine' and the royal publicity machine is out there 'trending' away.

    I hope people do get pleasure and fun from this event. But I also hope the media does not produce sickly sweet stories as nauseum and it does not also hide more important news under this layer of 'froth'.

  3. Yep, I can't see that, knowing the track record for Royal marriages, anybody would want to. But, Kate is young and impressionable.Nine years trying things out???
    Once they are married the s... will hit the fan I'm sure.

    Love the Lowry picture.

    Have you ever been to the Lowry Museum in Manchester? It's great.

    All the best,

  4. No Tony, I have never got to Manchester unfortunately although I have long wanted to visit the Manchester Art Gallery. Other Half got there earlier in the year for a conference but I couldn't face the journey there and back on a coach in a day even with the promise of the two Galleryies. So maybe a long weekend is in order? As you can probably guess, I rather partial to Lowry - he is one of the 'painters of the people'!