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Monday 6 September 2010

Who should I vote for?

Well,the question above is really rhetorical as I came to a decision about my vote for the new leader for the Labour Party some time ago. I had changed my mind a couple of times in the early weeks as the nominations were announced but once the hustings started and serious thought was started [and serious discussions across the dining table with Other Half] my choice was really pretty clear. In the end I felt I had to decide the following points [not necessarily in order of priority]:

Who do I believe will be strong enough to carry out his/her ideals?

Who will be the best person to unify the Party?

Who will the electorate [not just the Party membership] trust?

And so I made my choice. My decision for which candidate to vote for Party Treasurer was easily made. Those to select for the National Executive Committee and the National Policy Forum and NPF youth candidates as always took a bit longer as there were some 'new' names in the list from whom to select - but there again it was easier than usual as there were some friends and acquaintances amongst these names which made the choice easier than I expected!

The ballot is secret and my votes are sealed in the envelope and ready to post. For the 'big one' the only clue I will give is that I have voted for someone called Ed who hasn't got a brother standing for election as well.

And no the above photograph is not at some mass demonstration. It is of me - somewhere in that crowd, somewhere in the West, sometime in August - being awfully silly and doing the 'Hokey Cokey'. Life is also for having fun, not always worrying about the big things!

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