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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sick leave

Was quite literally sick on Thursday night which was annoying as I had deliberately not watched Teresa May on Question Time. So have had a few days of not thinking to make up. Still suffering from tooth trauma I suppose, I am such a wimp.

However have listened on the radio to all the new additions to the leadership race for the Labour Party. I am still lobbying for John McDonnell, he was 'Any Questions' last night [repeated this lunch time] and was just as reasonable and pleasantly spoken as usual. Yet whenever he is referred to in the media the words 'left-winger' are applied to him as an almost insulting adjective.

Decided - despite feeling sick - to be 'productive' this morning and tidied the study, added playlists to my new MP3 player and rang one child for a good long chat whilst sending out other half for paint for the garage door. All turned out less than well when after taking all the books from the shelves in the study, disposing of some and putting the others back in good order I was left with a bigger pile on the floor than had been there before I started. The hour I spent creating playlists didn't work as when I went back to add more after lunch the playlists were there but the music wasn't. Mobile 'phone cut off in middle of 'phone call as I had let the battery get so flat I couldn't even call back with it plugged in on charge. And then had an overwhelming sense of panic at sending other half out for paint when he is colour blind.

However sun was warm, battery recharged on mobile, shut the door on the study, think I have cracked the playlist 'process' on the MP3 player and other half came back with just under coat and suggested I went back with him to choose topcoat. [Mind you he might be colour blind but he isn't daft - he vetoed my choice of 'bubble gum pink' - which was a truly sweet colour - just on those words and we had to compromise on burgundy!]

Back home to some more campaigning via lap top and Doctor Who - not a bad combination really!

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