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Monday, 17 May 2010

First Monday of the Dictatorship

Not happy about the plans of the ConDem regime to create so many new peers but will let Michael White of the Guardian have his say: http://bit.ly/drggdQ as he does it better. Ironic that the Guardian switched from supporting the Labour party to the LibDems during the election campaign, isn't it?

Surprised by large amount of ice falling from the sky around noon, larger than ordinary hailstones, don't know whether to blame the new government or the icelandic volcano. Probably neither but the poppy seeds didn't look very happy as they floated past the window out of their seeding boxes.

Book club tonight, tried listening to it on an unabridged CD as I couldn't find my copy of the book ['The Penelopiad' by Margaret Attwood] I have been looking forward to reading this for ages but laying on the bed to listen was not a good idea as I slept through three quarters of it. Now feeling very dopey and still can't find the book to try and catch up on some 'facts'. Once more made a resolution to try and clear out some of my 2,000+ books to make more room. Alternatively could try and sort into a better system so that I don't lose so many so often.

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