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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Labour Party Leadership

Well John McDonnell has declared himself a 'runner' in the race for the Labour Party Leader so I got out and ironed [yes I do that sometimes] my 'John for Leader' t-shirt from the last time he campaigned against Gordon Brown et al. I also went through my collection of old badges and found my 'John 4 leader' badge + from the 1980s 'Don't blame me I voted Labour'. I am just hoping I won't have to resurrect my 'Stop the War' t-shirt from the15th February 2003 march, that is so comfortable in bed! Did a little bit of lobbying for John last night but as the bookies have him at 100-1 at the moment I might have to do a lot more. He is such a decent chap and I admire his views so much. 

Yesterday's dentist visit was a mixed success, not enough time to panic as I was sitting eating toast at 9.45am thinking my appointment was for 10.30am when I realised that in fact I had to be there at 10.00am. Result was I burst through the surgery door at 9.59am with a piece of toast in one hand and a toothbrush with toothpaste on it in the other. The dentist was actually standing by the empty chair waiting for me, luckily he has a sense of humour. I am a complete wooss when it comes to the dentist so lay on the settee for the rest of the day with my 'blankey' whining and watching TV, having chicken soup on a tray for lunch.

When I eventually staggered to the computer at dinner-time it was to find I had 71 new tweets, mostly speculation about who was going to stand or not for the Labour party leadership. That'll teach me.

Then today my groceries should have been delivered between 10 and 11 am so thought I was safe to have a shower but the doorbell rang at 9.50 am so had to sign for all the items with just a shower-robe on and dripping wet hair and self underneath. Little puddle on the floor when I closed the front door. Memo to self - get up earlier and get organised.

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