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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Dentist

Going for a very large filling shortly so have comfort DVDs and recorded programmes lined up for 'laying on the settee time' when I get back!

Came home from book club last night to find that Jon Cruddas had ruled himself out from the Labour leadership 'race'. Rather disappointed about this although this morning there are rumours he might try again for deputy leadership. However there are also rumours that John McDonnell might try again for the leadership - I really admire the man and still have my 'John for Leader' t-shirt from his last try for the position!

Listened to 'Today' on Radio 4 to newly elected MPs George Eustice [Tory - Camborne & Redruth] and Tessa Munt [LibDem - Wells] saying how it was absolutely no problem working together in a coalition even though they had just fought an election campaign rather fiercely against each other's parties. [In the case of George Eustice he had only beaten his LibDem opponent by 66 votes] Actually a bit sick making the way they were cosying up to one another or perhaps I am just biased.... Actually I found it interesting to hear Tessa Munt speak because she is the MP for the 'next door' constituency to where we live when in West Somerset. Her election posters just said 'Vote Tessa' which I found rather odd, but it seemed to have worked because her majority was - I believe - around 800 and she beat the sitting Tory MP David Heathcoat-Amery who had served the area for over 27 years. Mind you he was involved in all the expenses furore and had to repay over £29,000 which included £380 for manure.

And now for the dentist....

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