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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cup Final Day

Very surprised to learn it is cup final day. Eventually also found out that Portsmouth was one of the teams playing and wanted them to win having spent so many happy hours in Pompey and having Portsmouth ancestors. However they didn't!

One child has far more energy than I and is going for the 'Moonwalk' marathon in aid of Breast Cancer in London tonight. Well done to everyone taking part and all the volunteers helping out marshalling etc.

This didn't detract from the extreme disquiet I am still feeling about the Condem government proposals regarding changing the percentage of MPs required to cause a dissolution of Parliament. Nice piece in Wednesday's 'Guardian':http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/afua-hirsch-law-blog/2010/may/13/55-per-cent-constitution-parliament-sovereignty which gave a lot of arguments for and against - only to be expected as the Gruniad supported the LibDems in the election - but I think came down against the proposal. To me the 55% rule smacks of an attempt toward dictatorship.

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