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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Major housework and political thought recordings do not mix. I wish I had realised this earlier in life and then I would have had more excuse for undertaking the latter and ignoring the former. However sometimes real life catches up and keeps one away from the keyboard.

The 'race' for the Labour party leadership continues. I hope it does not turn into a slanging match but all the ingredients are there, whomever does not survive the first 'hurdle' there will no doubt be accusations hurled around regarding race, gender, faith, sexual orientation etc. Actually it does seem unfair that MPs can select 'out' as it were candidates for whom the membership of the party might like to vote. But looked at from the other side it probably would be unfair for the membership to 'impose' a leader on MPs under whom they really did not want to serve! Plus the affiliated unions' membership also have a vote but need not necessarily be party members. My head spins....

Discovered half way through the day I am wearing my t-shirt inside out. Perhaps I am reverting to student days when that meant one could get two days wear out of one article of clothing. Or - as my grandmother would have said - it may just mean I am going to be lucky. Not worked so far as I have deleted by accident someone's request on my [rather inactive] twitter account who wanted to follow me [I haven't that many followers that I can feel sanguine about this] and had a migraine. Oh well.I was going to add that at least I haven't seen anyone today but at that moment the UPS delivery arrived and I had to sign for it. Of course I felt impelled to point out that my t-shirt was on inside out and the courier said he hadn't noticed and laughed like mad and so did I before I shut the door feeling a complete fool.

Speaking of twitter - from which I got most of my news today as it doesn't seem to involve the 'spin' in delivery that the news stations seem to use and I trust those individuals who I 'follow' - I found an old 'acquaintance' on there. You will notice the inverted commas. As far as I know I am talking to empty cyber space with this blog which is fine as it is good practice. This 'acquaintance' writes the most boring blog in the world [which I try to remember when I am tempted to digress too much] and I don't read because of the fury engendered when he re-writes truth to enhance himself. I found on twitter he can be as boring and untruthful in 140 words as he can in a full page blog! There is another lesson there.

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