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Thursday, 19 August 2010

I love holidays

I love holidays. I am not an expensive tourist so today am sitting in one of my favourite restaurants - MacDonalds - catching up with my emails as the clifftop holiday location internet connection keeps dropping out. The other good thing about MacDonalds is that I can read all the newspapers for free and that makes me feel as if I am getting my own back on Rupert Murdoch in a very small way. Sad but true.

When I finish the newspapers I have a copy of William Cobbett's 'Rura' Rides' to continue reading.Very sad news that Frank Kermode has passed away. He will be sadly missed - sleep gently,Professor Frank.

We have just 'done' the local seaside town - in my case I am a sucker for the charity shops and their second hand books. I 'recycle' these by sharing with my friend who is here on holiday with us and we then pass them on to the charity stall back in the holiday camp. So everyone is happy.

Other Half is luckily in a similarly silly mood so I shall capitalise on that and we will go back and if I am very good he may make me a fancy dress costume for tonight's competition. And if you are all very lucky I may not post a picture of it!

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