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Monday, 30 August 2010


As I am half-Celt [the other half of me can be traced back to Essex yeomanry in the 17th century so I am proud to be called an Essex girl!] I always say that the English as a nation do not celebrate enough. I come from a family who would celebrate anything at the drop of a hat and dress up in weird costumes and have a party at the least excuse.

Celebrations need not be only for those big things. We can celebrate because it is Bank Holiday Monday for instance. Or just because there are sausages for tea. Celebrations need not be expensive to hold. When my children were small and money was tight we used to make decorations and make themed shaped cakes and biscuits. For Valentines Day I even mashed potatoes and piped them into heart shapes! Yes I know but I enjoyed it and I think the children did too......

This holiday there have been a lot of celebrations because as I may have mentioned [!] I have had a big number birthday and had to have several coming togethers when various people were available for festivities. Then whilst we have been in the West GCSE and 'A' level results came out for several of our younger holiday companions. Scores are not important - the facts to be celebrated are the amount of efforts each individual put into their examinations. However there was one truly magnificient score [he knows who I am talking about!]

A really close friend wants me to share his celebration that after having suffered badly from CFS for some years he has been cured by taking part in the Lightening Process. I don't know much about this personally but to see the difference in him compared with just a few weeks ago is fantastic and I am certainly celebrating that. I intend to read up a bit more about this at http://www.lightningprocess.com/Landing/
when I get home and am not paying-as-I-go for internet access as I don't want to rush reading it.

But I am saving my best personal celebration until last. Youngest child and partner were also amongst our holiday comrades and surprised us all by getting engaged last week. Other Half and I are thrilled to bits to have a new member of the family and the celebrations have lasted right up until they went home today.

We are heading back home in the next few days. And I will celebrate that because although I have had a great holiday it will be nice to go home although it is always sad to say goodbye to friends for a while and places I love. And I will be able to put photos back up on my blogs when I get back home - for some reason the internet here won't 'go' - so I will celebrate that!

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