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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

She had to go

Well my car had to go. I haven't been able to drive for over 18 months and the chances of being able to drive again are very slim so it is silly to have a usable machine taking up all that space in front of the house. But it was very sad when she chugged off last night although I understand she went to a nice home and new owner - I was too upset to go and say goodbye to her [the car]

One day when I am feeling brave I will blog about how it feels to have to give up a job one really enjoys suddenly due to health reasons. How one feels the loss of status, the loss of stimulus, the loss of an identity. And the car which used to take me to that job has now gone too.

Still, no good whinging and other half took me out for a treat today which included lunch. I am probably the only grandmother who really loves being taken to MacDonalds for lunch. I always was a cheap date.

And I bought a biography by Kenneth O. Morgan of Michael Foot, one of my political heroes. And Holby City is on the TV tonight. So onward and upward!

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