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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sausage and Mash

What do racing drivers eat? Knotty question posed by grandsons when a lunchtime scaletrix party to run concurrent with the qualifying rounds of the Valencia grand-prix on the TV was proposed by other half. As the chef who is not particularly domesticated I suggested racing drivers probably ate sausages and mash with a side order of pizza which met with general approval although an addition to the menu in the form of baps with jam was added at the last minute. Dessert consisted of chocolate chip cookies [shop bought] and a quick kick around in the back garden helped the digestion.

The chef had to lie down due to a bad back - which was a very good move as other half and a family friend did all the washing and tidying up. Laying on the bed listening to the boys giggling and laughing was great - and a good background to the misery engendered by listening to 'Any Questions' and 'Any Answers' on radio 4. These two programmes did supply plenty of food for thought and blog material so nothing was wasted.

[Just for the record, Lewis Hamilton finished third and Jenson Button finished seventh in the practice tos tart on the grid for the race tomorrow. The photo above is from http://www.eurosportsevents.com/images/barcelona-grand-prix.jpg]

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