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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson? A role model for the nation .......

So there is an online petition to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson, who has been suspended by the BBC for allegedly assaulting a co-worker and future 'Top Gear' shows have been 'pulled'. No surprise that the instigator of the petition is that guardian of public morals [please note that my tongue was firmly in my cheek as I typed that, not an easy feat] the blogger Guido Fawkes.

Without prejudging the facts of this case, let us just reflect on the things we do know about Jeremy Clarkson. A very few of the things we do know that he has said/done:

  • He called Gordon Brown 'A one-eyed idiot'. He later apologised for this.
  • He has made several remarks that are more than bordering on the racist side. For the controversy over his 'slope' remark look here. This is possibly one of his milder comments which I feel I can display only because I am Welsh!: 'I'm not a racist. I am currently sitting in a bar with a man who lives quite near Wales.'
  • There was a furore over the programme filmed in Argentina over whether the number plate on the Top Gear car was a set up or not.

I suppose its pretty obvious that I don't like Clarkson and I don't watch the show. But why am I bovvered [to quote Lauren] enough to write a blog on him? Well because I am so flabbergasted that 
  • There is a petition to reinstate a man who has allegedly assaulted a co-worker, or indeed anyone.
  • Over 200,000 have already signed it, a little over 15 hours after news of the incident broke. 
  • The whole incident is still at the 'allegedly' stage anyway, so the time for petitions and comments really is not yet.
  • Are we to think it is permissible to assault a co-worker if - as allegedly is the case here - s/he has somehow made a mistake/not done the job properly?
  • And also because I can't help feeling that Jeremy Clarkson is now reaching super hero/iconic status - and is this the sort of role model we want for our youth?

Why is the photo at the top of this blog of baby lambs? Well to be honest, I prefer it to a photo of Jeremy Clarkson. Fair enough?

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