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Monday, 22 July 2013

One's Future King* [or Queen] / Fairy Godmother wishes

I wish that every new baby arriving in this world was to be as happily welcomed as the new baby arriving very soon in the Lindo wing of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

I wish that all new parents could afford to spend over £6000 a night to ensure that their baby's arrival was happy and trouble free.

I wish that everybody realised that the doctors and nurses who will be ensuring that the new body has a smooth entry into his/her family were trained by our wonderful NHS.

I wish that when I put the radio on there will be talk about something else other than the imminent arrival of the new royal baby but that seems to be the triumph of hope over experience. After all there is nothing going on in the UK today: 

I wish that the PM is not apparently guilty of using an advisor who also advises tobacco companies and private health companies. [The PM was pretty arrogant when questioned by Andrew Marr yesterday on the latter's TV show, so the former must be cleaner than clean.]

I wish that people are not committing suicide because ATOS is turning down their incapacity benefit claims and/or they are losing their homes due to the bedroom tax. 

I wish Pensioners are not having to work longer because rules have been changed or their pension providers have gone into liquidation or [little dig here] Companies are reneging on their promises. 

I wish the National Health Service is not in the most dangerous state it has ever been in due to this government seeming to want to privatise it all as soon as possible [the term 'asset stripping' seems appropriate here]

I wish that the so many injustices in the UK at the moment could be righted with a wave of the Fairy Godmother's [above] wand. We could have all our libraries, post offices, coast guard stations back just as a start!

I wish that all the babies born in the next few days will have the same opportunities in life and especially of education as the one due to be born in St Mary's. Surely in the 21st century one tiny baby should not be 'worth' more just because its distant ancestors' armies managed to outkill another's army?

I wish that Thomas Jefferson's phrase 'All men [and women!] are created equal' applied in the 21st century across the globe. [Without George Orwell's 'rider' in Animal Farm that 'Some are more equal than others']

I wish peace and happiness, love and light to all new babies and their families wherever and whenever they are born.

*With apologies to the Book Once and Future King by T.H.White
The photograph is - as I am sure everyone recognises! - from the film Wizard of Oz. Billie Burke, the Fairy Godmother.


  1. I have a very bittersweet feeling about this birth. First like you said the opulence that is not afforded to 99% of the community that will be having their babies with probably the best care THEIR money can buy, which means for some, none at all.

    Bittersweet, because the grandmother who endured most of us to her heart, will not be able to hold her grandchild or hug her son, who was one of the lights of her life. We still live in wonder: and the rumors still rumble in our ears; was she killed? Was it really the press?

    Bittersweet, because like you said, there are folks becoming homeless universally because of cuts to disabilities, healthcare, to inappropriate taxes that shoves people out, and pensions not given to people who worked their whole lives, not to mention rents that have over exceeded the 1/3 rule of affordability and this is happening everywhere.

    Don't believe me, look at the slums in Brazil that are being sold as "posh" apartment buys, or in the US where an outdated mobile home costs more than your car and rent minimum at $750/mo almost anywhere you go. We are all at the verge of being sent to poor houses and nothing has been changed: no the housing bubble you read about in the US is back, the unemployment has not changed, the housing for the elderly and the disabled have been privatized moving away from HUD, which guarantees us safety when we maybe housed on the street.

    And yet, the best money can buy for us, bittersweet, is to hope that this Once and Future King, will be kind enough and king enough to have compassion on us masses, granting us a better way of life.

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