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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Day that Murdoch [should have] cried*

This is, by any measure, an astonishing thing (HT @DeborahJan... on Twitpic

I have never admired Rupert Murdoch since his company took over the Sun newspaper in 1969. As I wrote on the 20th July last year:
I have to declare my interest here. I have never liked Rupert Murdoch's business style or ethos. He bought The Sun in 1969, five years after it had morphed from the sadly missed Labour Party Daily Herald into a new left leaning broadsheet called The Sun in 1964. Rupert Murdoch then changed it into the tabloid that everyone knows today. My father was a lobby correspondent on the old Daily Herald and transferred to the new Sun until his death in 1967. I have never bought The Sun since 1969.

A headline to a Guardian article today giving the findings of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee declares:
Rupert Murdoch 'not fit' to lead major international company, MPs conclude.
Select committee also says James Murdoch showed 'wilful ignorance' of extent of phone hacking at News of the World

Here is a link to the Guardian Report.

Do I sound vindictive? That honestly is not the intention. This morning I was discussing press releases with a comrade and we were lingering for some time over exact wording and ensuring that an MP was not mis-quoted. Something I consider even more important now that newspaper quotes can be disseminated even further afield thanks to the internet. Its a shame that the Murdochs of this world did not take their respnsibilities so seriously. They besmirch the good name of good journalists and media commentators everywhere.

And before it is too late, Fraternal May Day greetings to you all!

*Apologies to Don McLean and American Pie

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