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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A few days of contrasts - Saturday and Sunday

We like to go to church but don't overdo it. This week we went to church on both Saturday and Sunday because we were guests at both a wedding and a christening. Lovely celebrations and lovely to get together on both occasions with friends and family.

Neither churches were our local church and it is always great to see different ministers in action and hear different points of view. I am also a sucker for a bit of singing - its a shame I can't hold a tune so a big gathering is great because I can warble away to my heart's content knowing my voice is drowned out by much better ones in concert.

The christening took place during the morning children's service. Absolutely brilliant to see a church with so many children attending and no shushing! They went off to play so we could all concentrate on the sermon, which was all about Love. The minister was young enough to be our son, but the message was straight from our hippy days in the 1960s, John Lennon would have been proud.
The wedding sermon had also contained a lot about love and relationships.

After all the angst of job hunting and nastiness about the unemployed of Friday, I was able to return to the battle on my friend's behalf on Monday morning with love in my heart and hope in my mind. It is now Tuesday and a bit more job hunting for him this morning and I am getting a bit more frayed but we have to keep on keeping on.

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