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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dongles and Days Out

We are enjoying 'down time' in Somerset and until yesterday had little or no internet access. Also very little time to watch TV news or listen to radio news although the events in Tripoli have had us watching the BBC 24 hours news channel whenever we have spent some time in our cliff top home. The 'dongle' has not been a success but now we have managed to buy a subscription to a site and get access.

Unable to access twitter & facebook has been the worst part of the imposed internet silence. I realise that I get most of my news from twitter, from trusted 'sources' whose links I follow - and although I could occasionally access twitter on my 'phone I could not open the links - bah humbug! Facebook silence has meant I could not follow the progress of a poorly relative plus I have been down on both my home gossip and - along with the loss of twitter - my political campaigning!

But what more than makes up for all this is being with family and friends and the wonderful views from my cliff top. It really is idyllic here overlooking the Bristol Channel and on a clear day like today looking deep into the Land of my Father.... And other days out in the area provide other outstanding views.

Meanwhile, in breaking holiday news, Eldest Grandson [aged 6years] won the junior section of 'Hat for a Song' in a beautifully crafted hat made by Aunty, representing 'Ice, Ice Baby' - but his rendition of the song surely 'capped' his win. Meanwhile my 'Give Peas [Peace] a Chance' whilst not actually winning did stump the audience.....

Love to you all from all of us in Somerset!

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