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Monday, 6 June 2011

Please listen, Vince Cable

So today we are to hear Vince Cable addressing the GMB conference where it is reported he will 'warn' [in my translation this means 'threaten'] that any further "co-ordinated strike action may lead to tougher union laws"

As I have said in previous blogs, pre the 2010 General Election I had quite liked Vince Cable - in his Liberal Democrat days. He seemed a bit right wing but talked a reasonable amount of business and economic sense. However once he had a sniff of power things changed and he seemed to adopt the Tory mantras with all his heart. There was a moment when he seemed to be falling out of love with his new buddies, when he attacked the Coalition proposed proposals [don't you just love that tautonomy!] to reform the NHS

However, now I sense in Cable a man desperate to hang onto/gain power at any price to his so-called 'principles'. The sort of threat it appears he will make at the GMB conference today takes us back to the 1830s and the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Government action then did not stop workers from unionising - in fact it strengthened their cause and if the present government takes on the already weakened Union movement they will find they have a similar effect. [A lot of people do not realise that the 'oath' for which the Tolpuddle Martyrs where tried, convicted and transported was very, very similar to the oath that Freemasons did and still do swear]

The day of action on March 26th has obviously rattled the Coalition government more than they admitted then - the answer is to listen to our grievances and not threaten us with punitive measures.

I am writing this blog in a temper when only just back from a relaxing time away which followed a lovely family wedding. Please Mr Cable re-think your speech and let me and others get back into our zone of freedom to express our grievances. Don't take us back to the pre-Victorian times.

The image is taken from the Tolpuddle Martyrs site: http://www.tolpuddlemartyrs.org.uk/index.php?page=martyr-s-story
Read and be warned


  1. I think it right that Governments call for responsibility and restraint from the trade unions, but it is a sign of desparation when threats of gagging are offered. To answer an argument by shutting that argument down merely demonstrates the weakness of the Government. Trade unions should not hold Governments to ransom, but equally workers must be allowed to express their democratic right to protest.

    Vince Cable is increasingly looking ridiculous. I found his paternalistic approach in the run-upo to the General Election unconvincing, and his conduct since is nothing short of duplicitous. It is a remarkable journey for someone who was once a member of the Labour Party.

  2. I agree with your first paragraph, Julian. Open debate shows the rights and wrongs of both sides - repression of the right to complain leads to revolution, surely? In a way I touch on this in my latest blog: http://rephidimstreet.blogspot.com/2011/06/at-last-rowan-williams.html It also a contains am early photo of Bob Dylan so there is something for everyone....

    Regarding Vince Cable, his actions and comments are becoming truly unbelievable. His credibility is becoming shot to pieces and I feel for those who believed in him prior to May 201o and voted for the Lib Dems.

    Good to hear from you, Julian.