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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Anniversary Blog

Well today is the first anniversary of this blog. So time to take stock? No not really, taking stock can be depressing although when I look back I have enjoyed writing even if unexpected turns have been taken at times!

The blog was started for three reasons. In the wake of last year's General Election I needed to let off steam and I had enjoyed the political debates I had been having online during the run up to the campaign, being unable to get to many 'in the flesh' debates due to health issues. I was also meant to be writing a book about my naughty ancestors and the blog was a way of flexing my writing muscles. The health issues had also meant that I had had to retire a couple of years early from my lecturing job as a [mainly] English Lit lecturer to adults so I thought I would throw in the odd literary blog but somehow the social observations [or ranting] took over and the literariness got sidelined and emerged in the Clarice blog on New Year's Eve last year. Clarice is not quite as prolific as she should be but that should be addressed soon! The naughty ancestors book is still in the 'planning' stage.

But I have enjoyed the blogging. Sometimes my blogs have been picked up by other bloggers and re-blogged and even posted onto web sites. I was 'commissioned' to write a film review and have been asked several times to 'publicise' a 'cause'.

And have I ranted and plugged causes! Amongst others #saveournhs/keep our nhs public ; #saveourforests ; save the UK Coastguard centres ; #save our libraries ; and another to which I devote most time and thought.

I have ranted about and written open letters to various politicans including David Cameron and Vince Cable and praised such worthwhile, wonderful voluntarily run organisations such as MAMAA and Gateway Clubs. I have 'advertised' various rallies and demos and reported on some of the ones I have managed to get to. I have celebrated the lives of various people including some lovely family members.

I have made some online friends [and probably some enemies too, although I really hope not!] but above all I have enjoyed myself and hope some readers may have enjoyed my witterings too. To those I have annoyed, sorry about that but these are solely my own opinions after all.

And the photo image above? Blake's Jerusalem . Why? Why not? As good an anniversary song as any other.

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