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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sunshine and showers/Home from the West again

We drove home from the West country yesterday via Glastonbury. I love the place as has probably become obvious from previous blogs and yesterday it was particularly colourful as the shop windows in the High Street were beginning to show their decorations for the festival of Samhain, which is roughly equivalent to Hallowe'en.[For a link to a site about Samhain please click on the Blog title above]

We left Glastonbury to a glorious blue sky and warm temperatures. Listening to the Ryder Cup commentary on the way home live from the Celtic Manor, Newport [get the connection: Celtic Manor: Glastonbury!] we realised that the lovely weather was remaining in the West and we were travelling eastwards into more dull climes. But it was so good to hear that the Ryder Cup had such a successful [and exciting!] finish. Well done Newport!

The shop showing its decorations in the photograph above has a website which can be accessed here: http://lilithofavalon.com/
I have no connection to the shop btw!

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